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There is little doubt that our worlds ecosystems are facing enormous pressures from multiple factors such as increasing global population, demand for fossil fuels and increased pressures on other natural resources. As populations of many countries move in to middle class, the demand for consumer goods of every type increases. This is particularly the case for the forests of the world. Consumer demands for furniture, floorboards, paper and many other associated products has seen increased logging in many of the world’s old growth forests. Forests are also being removed to allow for increases in pastoral land for the demand for…

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How do you put the Genie back in the bottle? I find myself asking this question more and more these days when reflecting on the ongoing chaos that is occurring in the world. This can be an extreme view of things, but it is how the world can appear given the events that are going on. To preface this though, I should explain what it is I am referring to.

There is an old proverb that states ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’. This is very true when it comes to taking a deep dive in to certain things…

How a problem is framed

“Ana Orantes was an ordinary housewife who appeared on television to talk about her experience of partner violence. A few days later, she was beaten and burned alive by her husband”


In this essay, I will be exploring how a social problem has been constructed as a public problem in Australian society. The social problem being investigated is that of domestic violence. I will look at how this problem has evolved from that of a private issue to now becoming highlighted in society as a public problem, and more importantly, the challenges in how it is framed through the…

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Living alone can suck

The onset of the Covid-19 virus and its ensuing ramifications have been nothing short of incredible. How one could possibly predict the panic buying of products such as toilet paper is being discussed globally and will be up for analysis for years to come. The multitude of news outlets available to most of us has also contributed to the blame, uncertainty and misinformation surrounding the outbreak. As of writing, many countries are preparing for total lock-downs and talking huge casualties if the 3.5% mortality rate remains constant. …

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The frustration of engaging with believers

It doesn’t take a lot of commonsense to see that from couple of key words in the titles above that this article is referring to those of a religious bent. The picture aside, these words can polarize individuals at light speed and turn calm individuals into raging incoherent people that throw a multitude of psalms, passages and other religious commentary your way. But what stops them from holding a rational discussion about their belief and the lack of belief of an atheist?

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not…

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Being supportive without losing them

The loss of a relative is something that the majority of us will all have to deal with at some point in our lives. Whether a family member, close friend, pet or even a celebrity that have felt particularly close to. Grief can even be experienced when relationships end or even when you transition from work to retirement. As is the case in grief as in life, we all differ in how we deal with grief.

Grief is such a personal thing for somebody to go through and how best to help and support people experiencing it can be both…

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How will we ever know, there are so damn many…

At some point in our lives we will sit and ponder about what does it all mean. Is there a greater purpose or are we all inconsequential organisms that have managed to crawl out of a primordial soup and develop in to a relatively smart primate. History is littered with deep thinkers who have thought about this and have yet to formulate a response that sits perfectly with all of humanity.

One the one side there is the various religious beliefs that give large swathes of the human population some sense of why they are here and a faith that…

Why a conflict exists around an article of clothing

In the past few decades, Islam has elevated itself from barely being discussed in the broader Western media, to a topic that has become as polarizing as it is complex. For as easy as it is to condemn Evangelists, Catholics and Protestants, condemning Islam can bring out a level of vitriol from believers that is far in excess and disproportional to any criticism leveled against it.

With a religion that has an estimated 1.8 billion followers, Islam is not about to disperse like a small cloud on a hot day. As all religions struggle in the face of a more…

Keep your eyes open to all possibilities

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It is an easy path to take. The one where you sit around and justify all the reasons that you can’t be a writer. Just like any other passion, you need to find where your interests lie and explore them to the fullest. Exploiting can be a negative term for many people but is exactly what a writer needs to do when looking for the spark of inspiration to put pen to paper or hitting the keyboard.

Start small

Delve in to what interests you and start there. It can be surprising to many people just how much knowledge or information they…

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A problem that is occurring all over mature markets

This article will look at the electrical industry and how changes and pressures being brought to bear are having wide-ranging effects. This is not to say that other industries are not undergoing similar changes that mirror those of the electrical industry. Change is coming at a rapid rate and it is evident that many organizations, and those that run them, are poorly equipped to deal with the uncertainties that exist. The industry exists as part of a far larger market and consists of many elements. These include end-users, specifiers, contractors, manufacturers, switchboard builders, wholesalers, and distributors. To add to this…

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